Filipino Food and Eating Habit

Published: 10th October 2011
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Preparing flavorful is always been a part for being Filipino especially for Filipina mother. Some maybe sweet, sour salty or spicy as Filipino food has a taste of different flavor- It could be Chinese, American, Spanish, Malaysian or Indonesian. Filipino has a variety a lot of recipe from simple recipe to extravagant type of recipe. Filipino usually consumes three regular main meals a day – breakfast of almusal, lunch or pananghalian, dinner or hapunan aside from two merienda or snacks in between meals.

Breakfast: Filipino typical food breakfast compose of bread with filling and coffee. The most popular bread for Filipino’s breakfast is pandesal. It is a small pc of bread which is toasted compare to bun with a bread crumb at the top. Average Filipino usually use cheddar cheese, hotdog, fried egg, mayonnaise or any sandwich spread as a filling , In the past matamis na bao or coconut jam is a popular bread filling but now a day’s everything has change. For heavy eater, they usually prefer rice for breakfast instead of bread. We usually prefer sinangag or fried rice for breakfast and the most commonly viand for fried rice is fried dry fish, paksiw na isda, sunny side up or scramble egg and daing na bangus (milkfish marinated in vinegar, peppercorn, salt and garlic)

Lunch: Average Filipino lunch is usually of rice and viand. We usually served sautéed vegetable or any vegetable recipe along with fried fish. Adobo, sinigang is also a popular viand for lunch and it can be cooked from beef, pork, shrimp, and fish. Filipino usually prefer banana as a dish siding.

Dinner: For dinner, Filipino usually consumes same food with lunch but little bit lighter.

Snacks In between Meals: Filipinos usually bread with filling for merienda because of the availability, at home I usually prepare, Turon (fried banana on lumpia wrapper), Lugaw (congee) with pork and tofu, sopas, and pansit bihon (chowmein).

Those recipe list mentioned above is just a partial list for Filipino day to day food recipe. But sad to say not every Filipino cannot able to afford that flavorful and nutritious Filipino food because of poverty and lack of resources. Sad to say that for many of my fellow Filipino is in hand to mouth situation and the money that they earn is not enough to provide decent food for family. That situation happens in Metro Manila but much worst in remote province for lack of opportunities as shown in some media documentaries. That situation really bleeds my heart and I pray that someday with God’s help everybody around world could have an access not just for flavorful and nutritious food in the table but could have a decent life that fit for a human being.

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