Filipino Pancit Noodle Recipe

Published: 11th October 2011
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Filipino food is an accumulation of different cultural heritage and influences that contributes with Filipino recipe. Chinese cuisine is one of the major contributor to the evolution of Philippine cuisine, Some of their famous recipe not just only become a daily recipe for every Filipino but a lots of them has become a part of our culture.

Pancit or Chowmein in Chinese is one of the proof for Chinese influences in our culture as it always present in every Filipino special gathering, from a simple gathering for friend reunion or for special occasion such as Christmas. Chinese influences as by their belief that pancit must be prepare during birthday celebration as it symbolize long life for having a long strand of noodle. Sotanghon is another variation of pancit recipe that symbolize prosperity and it is always present in the table during family celebration at New years eve.

There is also some places in Philippines that being identify for certain kind of pancit recipe, Batangas is well known for their tasty pancit lomi recipe (Loming Batangas), a friend of mine told me that the secret behind the flavoris in the noodles, They usually use their homemade noodle for special loming Batangas that makes it different. Malabon is also known for their Pancit Malabon, pancit Malabon is comparable with pansit palabok or luglog and the only difference as they includes a lots of different seafoods in pancit Malabon that makes their pancit delicious and unique.There is also a place in Bicol area that produces a famous noodle known as Pancit Bato, pancit bato is the named of the town where they are made. IloIlo is a place in Visayas region that become popular with their Lapaz Batchoy, Lapaz batchoy has a big sililarity with beef mami for having a flavorful broth but they usually add chicharon and slice of pork liver to enhance flavor.

There are different several method of cooking pancit, Bihon are cook either dry or with both. Majority of Filipino prefer a dry pancit bihon but bihon menu on several Chinese restaurant on Manila prefer to cook bihon with broth. Mami is another variation of pansit but it has a broth, the main meat recipe for mami is either be pork, chicken or beef, Pansit palabok or luglod is another popular variance of Filipino pancit, it uses a thick noodle amd usually soak to water before blanching to soften the noodle. Palabok has a yellowish thick sauce usually cook from pork or shrimp flavoring with a toppings of sautéed ground pork, tofu, shrimp and garnish with smoked fish flake, springonion, fried garlic, and chicharon.

There is still a lot of variation of pancit recipe in the Philippines such as pancit canton, pansit lomi, miswa and a lots more. By cooking different variation of an original Chinese recipe only proves that pancit has become a part not only of our culture but also our daily lives.

I am Daisy Garcia, a Filipina housewife and a blogger . I am so honor to share about very own Filipino Recipe and about my kids all time favorite Filipino food Known as sopas and Pancit recipe for their mid meal snacks.

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