Filipino Food and Eating Habit

14th November 2011
Filipino cuisine is a combination of several taste, it could be Chinese, Western, Spanish. For whatever influences it from be, Filipino embraces those food recipe through the time. Filipino consumes three major meals a day, almusal, tanghalian and hapunan... Read >

Filipino Pancit Noodle Recipe

11th October 2011
Filipino food is an accumulation of different cultural heritage and influences that contributes with Filipino recipe. Chinese cuisine is one of the major contributor to the evolution of Philippine cuisine, Some of their famous recipe not just only become ... Read >

Filipino Food and Eating Habit

10th October 2011
Preparing flavorful is always been a part for being Filipino especially for Filipina mother. Some maybe sweet, sour salty or spicy as Filipino food has a taste of different flavor- It could be Chinese, American, Spanish, Malaysian or Indonesian. Filipin... Read >

List of Popular Filipino Day to Day Recipe

23rd September 2011
For Filipino culture, it is our culture that the father has a responsibility to provide the material needs of the family, he is also the main disclipinarian that makes him the pillar of the family and it is the motherís responsibility to take care by do... Read >